Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Spring Accessories

                 There are plenty of new accessories to choose from at Frontrow clothing boutique. 

Handbags in rainbow colors, with matching shoes!

 Unique styles of shoes- from stilettos to flats that pair well with one of our new Spring dresses.

 Blue patent leather peep-toe cork wedges. The heels are printed with a floral design. 

 Yellow suede shoes, with orange buckles. natural fiber on the heels. Great for a retro look!

 These unique slingbacks are dotted with metal studs that look like screw heads.

 Green shoes with a cut-out design. 

 A selection of designer perfumes.

 More designer perfumes and sunglasses.

Fabulous pink cream shoes, with a cris cross pattern at the back of the heel.

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